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This is the 21st yr in my battle with MS. I stopped taking traditional medicine in 2004 because I couldn't tolerate the side effects.

In 2016 I tried medical marijuana and was elated to find it did relieve the spasticity in my legs. My dilemma was most of my family lived out of state and I couldn't travel with my meds.

 In 2018 I tried hemp CBD oil and it too brought relief to my ailments. I've been using hemp CBD oil for 3 yrs now and my body feels like MS has left the building!

What's Your # 1 Challenge With Medical Marijuana/CBD?

Founder's Message

I watched a couple of family members become unintentionally addicted to pharmaceuticals trying to ease their ailments.

As boomers we have enough to deal with without that added baggage!

I was able to convince them to ask their doctor about CBD. 

They stopped taking the pills and have been using CBD. They are thankful.


Imagine...bringing your body back to a healthy state naturally so you can enjoy gatherings with family and friends.

To The Women Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than...

Want More Out of Life?

Our Mission

Hello, I'm Alysia, Founder/CEO of Flower Power LLC. My intent is to dispel the myth about medical marijuana/CBD so we mother / grandmother baby boomers battling chronic illnesses can make informed decisions about our healthcare choices. 

Please comment below and share your thoughts.