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S’Hemply Made, (pronounced “Simply”) products are handcrafted with love & with the finest natural and organic ingredients.

We use hemp and other ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and kokum oil for their natural capabilities. The CBD oil we use is from our local source, Sunjoined. 

At S’Hemply Made, we believe in the power of nature.

  • Hemp seed oil-perfect balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids aids the skin in multiple ways.

  • The GLA in hemp oil boosts immunity and fights inflammation.

  • Cannabinoids in hemp seed oil help to improve brain function.

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In 2004, I stopped taking traditional MS medication because I couldn’t tolerate the side effects.

 In 2016 I tried medical cannabis for my 21 yrs battle with MS. It elated me to find it relieved the spasticity in my legs. The problem was, I couldn’t travel out of state with my meds

. In 2018 I tried CBD oil, and it also was effective. I’ve been using CBD for 3yrs and my body feels like MS has left the building!

I became an investor/distributor in 2018.

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